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Your Friendly Neighborhood Transhumanist

2014-07-13 23:51:48 by Bled-Red21


in recent news:

The human body, in its natural, current state: sux.

It’s a some-odd 200,000 year old living fossil that’s weak, susceptible to many forms of disease, and just a general hodgepodge of what you don’t want a body to be, ya know. Although, I’ll tell you what it is good at: Not-keeping up-with the times. Sure, in the present, you can argue that humans are capable of creating sophisticated stuff, but why can’t we be the sophisticated stuff? Haven’t we at least entered the beginning of an age where nature should no longer dictate who and what we are, if this hasn’t become prevalent (or at least a primary focus)  in our technological progression, it should. I mean, ain’t it because our bodies are so weak that we work so hard in life in the first place, would you even care to have a roof over your head if living in poverty didn’t even mean struggling to survive?   


At the end of the day, don’t all of our endeavors for better living all find their origins in survival? Not just surviving to stay above the poverty line, but the primal need to stay alive… ever present, until the day we decide to pull our shit together and stop letting nature choose our hard times for us!!!


TL;DR Better bod, better everything-





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